Scafati, Italy

Carmela team 






Scafati is a chaotic and dynamic town, an important industrial centre. The word “scafati” derives from the Latin word “scapha”, a means of transport used to sail the Sarno river. The story and the evolution of Scafati are tightly connected to his good geographic position between the two cities of Salerno and Naples and to the closeness to the town of Pompei. The first important settlements go back to the earthquake in 62 a.D and the eruption of the Vesuvio in 79 a.D.

The Palazzo Meyer (nowadays seat of the town hall) and the Wenner Park (a real green lung of the town) have a particular historic importance, they date back to XIX century.

During the Second World War Scafati was the protagonist of the first armed group resistant in South Italy, that contributed to the liberation of the territory from the Nazist invasion. In 1962 was assigned a gold medal to Scafati by the Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia.








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