Posted by: piccolamela | March 14, 2009


Pompeii is one of the most important, beautiful and oldest town of the south Italy. It was found by the Oschi in the XVII BC.  as it was found a Doric fountain in the forum. Pompeii was a very important commercial centre not only because it was not far from the sea but also because the Vesuvius has given a very fertile  land  .

 In  89 B.C. the Romans conquered Pompeii. The Romans built in Pompeii the baths, a big amphitheatre, a lot of villas and roads, but above all the Romans built an aqueduct. It was  very important because before the Romans in Pompeii there weren’t  aqueducts. In  a.D.79 the Vesuvius, a big quiescent volcano, threw out violently and the prosperous Pompeii was flooded completely.

Now, the archaeologies have diged up more than 20% of the submerged lands. Every day Pompeii is invaded by tourists that visit the fascinating excavations.






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