Posted by: Bozena Kraj | March 5, 2009

Sightseeing in the park

Sightseeing at Baltow

Sightseeing at Baltow

Sightseeing of the park it is a journey in time through all geological periods. It begins when life appears on the Earth (Cambrian, 542 Ma before present), and ends when humans appear (Neolith). The biggest attraction are the models of dinosaurs of the original size, located along the route.



The most impressive attraction is the model of enormous Seismosaurus – the biggest sauropod in history (40 m long).

A special attention should be paid to the scenes from life of six zauropods and two teropodes, which were reconstructed according to the dinosaur pathways found in Sołtyków (eastward from Skarżysko Kamienna) by paleontologists of the Polish Geological Institute: Gerard Gierliński and Grzegorz Pieńkowski.

Dinosaur models were made with enormous care for making them as similar as possible to original ancient animals. They were consulted with specialists of the Polish Geological Institute.


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