Posted by: Bozena Kraj | February 12, 2009

Our Patron – Dimitrie Grecesu

He once said once that in science  good faith and truth are the most valuable things.

Dimitrie Grecescu was a modest person, avoiding noisy events, of great integrity and wide culture, which encompassed not only science but also literature, art, music. His professional activity was concentrated mainly in two directions, which he happily blended in: medicine and botany. Born in Cerneţi (Mehedinti), he attended the National School of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila , institution which granted him the license in medicine (1863) and then he got his PhD in medicine, with a paper on medical botany (1868). He taught for many years (1869-1903) medical botany at the Faculty of Medicine of Bucharest, he was the manager of the Botanical Garden from Cotroceni and a member of the Romanian Academy (since 1907). At the same time, he worked as a military doctor, distinguishing especially during the Independence War.

Dimitrie Grecescu

Dimitrie Grecescu


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