Posted by: Bozena Kraj | February 11, 2009

Our Patron, Italy

In 2004, the school Liceo Scientifico has been dedicated  to Renato Caccioppoli. He was born on 20 January 1904, in Naples. His mother was Sofia Bakunin, daughter of Michele Bakunin.  Following  the wishes of his father, a known Neapolitan surgeon, Renato registered to Engineering, but then he attended  Mathematics. In 1925, he graduated at the University of Naples. In 1928, Renato qualified as an university teacher and then he went to Padua, where he won the competition for the chair of “Analisi Algebrica”. At the age of 28, the Academy of Lincei conferred him the national prize of the class of Physical Science. In 1934,he went back to Naples to teach The “Teoria dei Gruppi”, “ Analisi Superiore” and “Analisi Matematica”, until his death. His life was always quite problematic. His eccentric and nonconformist personality, profoundly antifascist, induced him to experiment the life of the vagrants and of poor people, he was arrested for mendacity. In 1938, he improvised a speech against Hitler and Mussolini, for this reason he was arrested and was interned in a mental home because people believed he was mad.  When he was released he continued to teach at university. Renato committed suicide in his home on 8 May 1959.

Our Patron

Our Patron



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